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Almond Joy - One of our newest favorites, this very mild, all vegetable soap base has been combined with ground almonds and almond fragrance oil-good enough to eat!

Bay Rum & Lime - Olive, Palm, Coconut & Soybean oils, along with Bay Rum Fragrance Oil and a touch of Lime Essential Oil has been created so we can pamper our men! This soap reminds me of my dad who always wore Old Spice, It's a clean, manly man sort of scent! Some women like it too!

Cinnamon Scrub Gardener's Soap - After a long day of gardening, this soap is for you! Cinnamon, Allspice, Clove, and loads of Oatmeal have been combined with an all vegetable oil soap to help scrub away dirt and grime! Essential Oils of Cinnamon & Clove Lavender, Eucalyptus and Sage have been combined for their astringent properties.

CocoMango - Take a trip to the tropics, sip a pina colada and enjoy! Finchy's favorite! Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, soothing vegetable oils and lots of love.

CocoNanny - Goat Milk, Olive, Coconut, Palm, Soy and loads of Cocoa Butter have been combined to create a soothing, creamy milk-based soap. No additional fragrances are added to this bar, just the natural goodness of cocoa butter. This soap is wonderful for dry or sensitive skin.

Cosmic Bliss Soap - This all-vegetable soap has been scented with Lavender & Patchouli Essential Oils, and a touch of Vanilla Fragrance has been added to create a truly amazing fragrance. This scent is very earthy and sexy- you must try it!

Divine Key Lime - Olive, Palm and Coconut Oils, along with real Key Lime Juice, and Lime Essential Oil. Spirulina has been added for color, and this wonderfully citrusy soap will make you think you are in Key West!

Frisco Bay - This soap is very clean and minty and is loaded with Peppermint and Oatmeal. A very invigorating and exfoliating soap, it got its name from one of our favorite and most exciting cities in the world!

GAIA Soap - Olive, Palm, Coconut, Soybean and Castor oils, along with Cocoa Butter, have been combined to create this very soothing soap. Essential oils of Cedarwood, Patchouli, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange have been added, along with green chunks to create a very earthy and funky soap!

Increase The Peace - Olive, Palm, Hemp and Coconut Oils, along with Patchouli Essential Oil has been added to remind you of the 60's. If you like Jerry Garcia, tie-dyed shirts, blue eye shadow, and wish you went to the original Woodstock (like our own mermaid did), this soap is for you!

LaLuna - this soap is a combination of Lavender, Almond and Vanilla essential oils, and is extremely sensual, mild and mysterious. Quickly becoming one of our best sellers, it was inspired by and created for the orchid guy. John, this one is for you!

Lavender & Oatmeal - Like the name says, this is a lavender soap, made with vegetable oils, ground oatmeal and lavender essential oils. The soothing lavender essential oil soothes and relaxes, and the oatmeal gently exfoliates your skin.

MintZing Zen - Our most popular soap. This soap is great in the mornings, or after a hard day when you need a quick pick-me-up. A blend of Olive, Palm and Coconut oils, combined with peppermint and tea tree essential oils have created a bar designed to give you a tingly, refreshing lift-me-up. This soap is great for oily skin, or blemishes!

Oatmeal & Honey - Oatmeal & Honey have been added to this mild bar- the oatmeal will gently exfoliate your skin. No fragrances have been added, just the natural goodness of Buttermilk, Honey & Oats!

Orange Blossom - Olive, Palm, & Coconut oils, Orange Fragrance Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Orange Rind has been combined to create a truly Florida soap! What more can we say!

Purple Haze - This super-funky, all vegetable soap is extremely mild and extremely cool! Sandalwood fragrance oil, and a really wild purple coloring has been added to zip up your shower!

Romantic Rugosa Rose - this wonderfully soothing soap is a faint color of pink, rose petals and a truly lovely rose fragrance oil have been combined, a wonderfully romantic, old-fashioned soap to remind you of times gone past.

Rosemary & Oatmeal - Rosemary essential oil and Oatmeal have been added to this super creamy bar.

Save the Planet - this soap is a potpourri of slivers of all of our soaps. With each batch, some soap is left over and is too small for a full bar, so we include these slivers in this unique recycled soap, no two batches are the same. The base soap is all vegetable, soothing oils and has been colored depending on the alchemist's mood. Because of the recycled ingredients, this soap is a real bargain.

Seaside Briar - This is a very mild, all-vegetable soap base with a wonderfully clean fragrance which will remind you of Cape Cod - it's a traditional and romantic scent, and both men and women like it a lot! This soap is the mermaid's all-time favorite!

Soft as a Baby's Tush - this wonderfully soothing, castille-soap is mostly olive oil with a touch of coconut oil added for lather. A touch of lavender has been added to help you relax. This soap is great for babies or more mature/dry skin types.

Spartacus Soap - this is an new and improved version of the now discontinued Mint Julip soap. In addition to Spearmint and Peppermint, we added a wee bit of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils, along with calendula and peppermint herbs, and French green clay. This soap is very clean and fresh and the green clay is wonderful for oily skin.

Vanillessence - The vanilla is a popular fragrance for men (and children too!), reminiscent of gentler times, naps, milk and cookies. This is one of our most popular soaps. Olive, Coconut, Palm, Avocado, and loads of cocoa butter have been combined with a wonderful vanilla fragrance to create a very creamy, rich, sudsy bath bar. The cocoa butter makes this an extra-soothing bar.

Vanilla Massage Bar - This is a more affordable massage! Olive, Coconut, Palm, Soybean and Sweet Almond oils have been added, along with a tapioca pearls to help massage and exfoliate your skin. A calming Vanilla fragrance has been used to help you sooth away your cares!

Soap de Jour - Please inquire what the cook has just conjured up! We are constantly experimenting with new scents and recipe combinations, and until they are added to our line, can be sold at a discount.

Ugly Soap - For those of you who want the benefits of handmade soap without the cost! Some soaps just don't make it through quality control, either the color is a little off, or it has a dent in it. This soap is sold at half-price, so it's a great way to either try the soap or get more of it, for a lower price!

Custom Soap Loaf

11" long x 2-1/2" high x 3-3/4" deep. (cuts into 12 - 3 - 4 oz. square bars of soap)

Can't seem to get enough of your favorite soap? Order your own soap loaf, and just cut a slice whenever you need it! Specify soap choice, and please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Lip Balm

MintZing Zen Lip Balm - The perfect soothing balms for kissable lips! Made with Peppermint, Tea Tree Oils, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. It's perfect for men or women, some of our friends are addicted to it!

Bath Accessories

Deluxe Bath Scrubbies - A beautifully packaged, oversized bath scrubby and three of our mini-soaps will get you started! Great to give to yourself, or to give to someone else as a small token of your appreciation. Click to see more.

Bath Mitts - These neat little gloves help exfoliate and remove old dry skin cells. These are also great for dry, flaky skin, or when your skin is peeling from too much sun.

Bath Scrubs - These scrubs are a nice way to help you lather up and helps exfoliate as well!

Ceramic Soap Dish - Handmade by a local potter, these lovely dishes come in earthy tones that match most decors. Soap is not included.

Gift Baskets

Beautiful gift baskets for all occasions, custom designed with custom labels! Please check back here soon for photos, sizes and prices. Your imagination is the only limit to what we can do with our gift baskets! See our special gift boxes as well. Email us for more details.

Custom Label Soaps
Click to see more.

Custom Label - We can customize your label or do private label. Promote your business in a unique way. Much more memorable than just a business card! Email us for more details.

Wedding Soaps - we create custom labels for weddings which includes the bride and groom's name and date of ceremony. We label either mini-soaps or regular sizes. These are great to pass out to guests. You can choose your soap, but we recommend Rosemary & Oatmeal Soap, as Rosemary is for remembrance, and traditionally has been used at weddings. Email us for more details.

Gift Certificates Available

Do you have absolutely no idea what they'd like? I can guarantee you that they'll find something on our web site they'd love to have. And personally, we love getting gift certificates! You can throw caution to the wind and shop, shop, shop! Email us for more details.

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